Herbal Plants and Their Uses

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What Are Herbal Plants?

Herbal plants are defined as herbs used in cooking or for medicinal purposes. On this site I use the term to identify not only cultivated herbs but wildflower or plants that are used to provide relief against ailments and diseases, as well as in cooking.

culinary herbs

Culinary Herbs

Culinary herbs, will enchant your garden as well as your cooking. They have become a must have in every garden, and most can be grown in pots on a patio or in your kitchen. For people who cannot grow their own they are readily available in grocery stores and health food markets. Read our tips for growing them and using them. Many culinary herbs are also known for their medical properties.

Herbal plants

Medicinal Plants

Since the beginning of time we have used plants not only to nourish our bodies but to heal as well. Today phytotherapy helps us in healing little hurts and sometimes major health problems. We can use herbal plants on their own or as supplement to more traditional treatment. We should not only see herbal plants as medicinal but use them to make our foods more interesting all while we improve our health.

herbal tea


From simple teas to cataplasms, for your health or your palate you will find recipes to delight. We include cultivated herbs as well as wild plant. We show you how to use leaves, fruits or roots of plants. In this section you will find recipes to make great meals, cosmetics that will help your skin and hair, and easy ways to relieve symptoms for many common ailments.

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Feel free to contact me at anytime with ideas, recipes, comments or suggestions. I will not dispense any medical advice but will answer your questions to the best of my ability.
Mireille Green

Mireille Green


Hi I am Mireille. I am passionate about nutrition and good health through natural means among other things. On this site I promote the use of plants first as a means to better nutrition and better health. This site was developed solely for information and educational purposes. I do not render medical advice or professional services, but I am always willing to discuss anything you want about herbs.

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