Medicinal Plants And Their Uses

Medicinal Plants List

Here is a synopsis of about 90 medicinal plants and their uses, click the link to see all posts relating to using or growing medicinal herbs. Not all plants listed here are medicinal herbs. I included some plants that are small trees or shrubs as they are none the less plants that are widely used for medicinal purposes. I tried to make this medicinal plant list comprehensive and I might have forgotten a few. Please let me know in the comments section if you are aware of a plant or a medicinal herb that I should add.


Common Name Scientific Name Problems Usage
absinthe artemisia absinthium intestinal problems infusion, rinse
agrimony agrimonia eupatoria digestion, sore throat infusion, decoction
air Plant bryophyllum pinnatum joint pains leaves
aloe aloe vera healing balm, pills, oil
angelica Archangelica officinalis   cough, colds,
anise pimpinella anisum antispasmodic, sedative infusion
arnica arnica montana contusions, ecchymoses cream, decoction
ash fraxinus excelsior rheumatism feuilles
bamboo bambousa arthritis cooking
baobab adansonia digitata asthma, toothache oil
basil ocimum basilicum digestion infusion, cooking
black eldeberry sambucus flu, fever infusion
blackberry rubus fruticosus oral complaints décoction
borage borrago officinalis emollient, purgative infusion, oil
boxwood buxus sempervirens hair loss infusion
buckbean menyanthes trifoliata loss of appetite compresse, baume
burdock arctium lappa dermatoses compresses
cactus cereus grandiflorus hypertension infusion
calendula calendula officinalis skin irritation infusion, salad
cardamon elletaria caramomum loss of appetite seed
chamomile anthemis nobilis stress infusion, balm
chives allium schoenoprasum digestion plants, infusion
Cinchona cinchomae cortex anti bacterial, analgesic écorce, poudre
cinnamon  cinnamomum verum stomach ache infusion
common grape vine vitis vinifera glowing skin fruits
common mallow malva sylvestris respiratory, ENT infusion, feuilles
common viper’s bugloss echium vulagre purgative infusion
corn flower centaurea cyanus irritation of eyes & ears infusion, eye drops
cranberry vaccinium oxycoccos urinary infections infusion
crocus colchicum neuralgia infusion, vin
dandelion taraxacum kidney problems infusion, salade
dill anethum graveolens stimulant, stomachic infusion, condiment
dog rose rosa canina tonic, anemia infusion, décoction
edelweiss leontopodium alpinum cough, skin infusion, sérum
ephedra ephedra sinica nasal decongestant gélules
eucalyptus eucalyptus globulus respiratory problems infusion, baume
fennel foeniculum vulgare stomach ache cuisine, infusion
garlic allium sativum heart, anti bacterial cooking
gentian gentiana lutea loss of appetite, fatigue tonique
German chamomile matricaria recutita flu infusion
ginger zingiber officinale aphrodisiac, tonic infusion, cuisine
ginkgo ginkgo biloba antispasmodic infusion
ginseng panax ginseng stimulant, tonic poudre, ampoule
green tea camelia sinensis infusion
hamamelis hamamelis virginiana circulatory troubles décoction, crème
hawthorn crataegus oxyacantha anxiety, palpitations powder, capsules
heather calluna vulgaris urinary infection powder, capsules
hibiscus hibiscus fat elimination infusion
hop humulus lupulus anxiety, insomnia infusion
jasmine jasminum colds, cough, dermatoses infusion
jojoba buxus chinensis dry skin huiles
kiwi actinidia sinensis fever, skin fruits
large leaf linden tilia platyphylos insomnia, inflammation infusion
lavender lavandula officinalis nervousness, insomnia huiles
lemon citrus limonum sore throat, nausea jus et fruit, gellules
lemon balm melissa officinalis anxiety, insomnia infusion
licorice glycyrrhiza glabra dermatosis infusion, poudre
marshmallow althaea officinalis anti-inflammatory infusion
maypop, purple passionflower passiflora incarnata insomnia infusion
meadowsweet spirea ulmaria analgesic poudre, infusion
mistletoe viscum album arteriosclerosis, gout jus, feuilles
mullein verbascum cough powder, capsules
olive olea europaea tonic, hydrating huile, fruits
onion allium cepa tension, colds oignon cuit, potage
orange  citrus aurantium tonic infusion
pansy viola tricolor purgative poudre, infusion
parsley petroselinum crispum hypertension persil frais
patchouli pogostemon cablin colds, migraines huiles
pellitory-of-the-wall parietaria officinalis cystitis infusion
pine pinus sylvestris respiratory problems poudre, infusion
poppy papaver rhoeas insomnia, cough infusion
quack grass elytrigia repens kidney problems décoction
queen anne’s lace daucus carota cholesterol légume cru
raspberry rubus idaeus intestinal problems feuilles
rosemary rosmarinus officinalis healing, stimulant infusion
sage salvia officinalis asthma, menopause poudre, infusion
shea butyrospermum healing, hydration chocolat, baume
soy glycine max anemia cuisine
spearmint mentha spicata antispasmodic poudre, infusion
St John’s wort hypericum perforatum depression gélules, infusion
stinging nettle ortica dioica diuretic infusion, potage
strawberry tree arbutus unedo diuretic sirup
sunflower helianthus annuus headache, fever graines, huile
sweet marjoram origanum marjorana nausea condiment
thyme thymus vulgaris fortifying infusion
tomato lycopersicon sunburn fruit
valerian valeriana officinalis insomnia, anxiety infusion
verbena lippia citriodora spasms, insomnia infusion, feuilles
wheat triticum skin, hair yeast, oil
wild thyme or creeping thyme thymus serpyllum gastric infections infusion

While this is a quick synopsis of medicinal herbs and their uses I hope it will give you a quick overview and encourage you to seek additional information. Using medicinal herbs is a great way to improve once health, however for any ailment you should consult your doctor before self diagnosis or treatment. Plants can help alleviate symptoms and can be used in cooperation with modern medicine. Remember that many medicinal herbs are also [interlink]culinary herbs [/interlink]and should be used regularly.

<h2>This medicinal plants list</h2>
is just that a list for now. As I add plants to the site links will be added. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some viewers. I am working on this site and improving it every day. Please be patient. For now I hope this list will provide a glimpse of what medicinal plants are used for, and the great variety you can find.



    • Mireille Green says

      It is my intention to eventually add Indian Herbal plants, as there are many wonderful Indian herbs that are used for healing and for cooking.

  1. CARRIE says

    That is very INCONVENIENT that y’all couldn’t have let me highlight it, copy it, and paste it so
    I could use the remedies for an emergency! Thank you for your remedies though, because I memorized them so I could use them next time! :) :) :) GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Samuel Akuffo says

    Sir / Madam, I am happy to come across your site and my question is how can i receive news letters from your outfit and advice me on how to live a healthy life and what one need to take to avoid been attack by sickness

    • Mireille says

      I am just now in the process of refurbishing the site. I do not yet have newsletters but will in the near future. Thank you for visiting. I hope you will find help in using herbs to benefit your health on this site.

  3. Justin says

    I was thinking you could add: oregano, lemon grass, and peppermint, and also put that marshmallow root will help with asthma as well

  4. Madison says

    Awesome, thank you!! Are there any other sites you recommend to further explore the uses of herbal plants and their uses?

  5. Renee Wyatt says

    Medicinal plants give us the ability to treat and cure many ailments including malaria, arthritis, diabetes, glaucoma, heart disease, thyroid disorders, skin conditions and many more. Herbal Rainforest is a blend of nutrients from 16 herbs and up to 77 minerals from prehistoric medicinal plants in their unaltered colloidal form. For more information visit:herbalrainforest

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